The Legacy of the Hotcards Burn



This week marks 5 years since we broke a Guinness World Record for Most Number of People Performing Simultaneous Full Body Burns. In 30 seconds we lit 21 people on fire to raise $10,000 for charity. Now, you’re probably wondering what self-induced body burns and World Records has to do with print and promotional materials, and the honest answer is nothing.


It does, however, have something to do with leaving an impact and making a statement. We brought our hometown of Cleveland, OH together to Unite + Ignite for a cause and in the process, Hotcards rose from the ashes as a brand that was doing things differently.


In the days following the Hotcards Burn, it was making international headlines. People weren’t talking about Hotcards’ services or ordering thousands of business cards from our online store, but rather, they were talking about what an untraditional brand it must take to do something this outrageous, just because. For us, we knew we had accomplished our goal; after all, our philosophy is to create a brand that people want to do business with before they even know what we do.


If we’ve learned anything about making a name for oneself, in any industry, it’s that in order to be relevant one must first be disruptive. Being disruptive means embracing unusual behavior, and it doesn’t get much more unusual than setting 21 people on fire. So, do something different! We’re not saying you need to go out and break world records (if everyone started doing that we’d have to get really creative), but start small, take an unconventional approach to your branding and make a statement.


We have to admit that earlier this year, a group of 32 professional stuntmen in Capetown, South Africa broke our World Record. Though we no longer hold the title, the legacy it has left on Hotcards is still evident in our company each and every day. The Hotcards Burn started a nationwide conversation and ignited a fire in our employees that changed the way we do business. We had made a name for ourselves, which, at our core, is what Hotcards does best – help our customers to Become Known™. In doing something completely outrageous we proved our firm belief in branding that stands apart from the rest.


So, let us offer you some of our best advice:

Strike a match.

Light a flame.

Start a conversation about your brand and Become Known™.

Culture 18.10.2018

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