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How to Spread (Corporate) Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

Just because you run a corporation doesn’t mean holiday cheer has to be left at the door. Your employees probably have a little holiday fever and are planning family gatherings, compiling their holiday cookie recipes and shopping for the best deals on gifts. This time of year can be pretty distracting, but why not make it a little more fun? Here are a few ways to spread some holiday cheer around the office and with your clients.

Send holiday greeting cards. Business holiday greeting cards are a way to let your clients know you appreciate their business. Sending a card or small gift will be a reminder to them that they have found a good partner in your company, and that the relationship goes beyond everyday business interactions. Building this kind of rapport is what keeps clients satisfied with your company.

If you want to let your employees know you acknowledge all the hard work they do on a daily basis, writing out a personalized custom greeting card is a great way to do that!

Host a holiday party. Nothing says employee appreciation like a food and fun-filled company holiday party. If you are able to host a party on a larger scale, consider making it a family event with spouses and children. If that is too extravagant, keep it small and host a cocktail party right after work for employees only. Either way, your employees will appreciate the effort.

Give back to the community. The holidays are all about generosity, and what better way to bring people together than giving back as a team? Collect canned goods for a food bank, participate in Toys for Tots, or “Adopt a Family” and provide gifts to a family in need.

Host a cubicle decorating contest. Encourage employees to decorate their spaces this holiday season. Turn it into a contest where the winner receives a prize at the end to really get everyone on board.

Secret Snowflake. Everyone loves getting presents – but getting surprise gifts from a mystery co-worker is even more fun! To do this, everyone who wishes to participate writes down 3 things they really like (Starbucks, candles, sports team, etc.) and a budget is set. Names are then chosen from a hat and everyone leaves little surprises like candy at their secret snowflake’s desk each day for one week, with the last day of the week being the bigger gift and secret snowflake reveal.

Go that extra mile, if you’re able. If you’ve had a great year, holiday bonuses are pretty much the best way to boost employee morale. If you want to do something extra but can’t afford that expense, a few extra paid days off can make all the difference. This is a time of year where everyone wants to be with their friends and family, and providing a few extra days of that shows your employees you care about their work-life balance.

Do you have any ways you spread holiday cheer around your office? Let us know in the comments below!

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