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Think Outside the Rectangle: Creative Business Card Ideas

Sometimes in business it can be tough to stand out from the competition. You run in the same circles, try the same advertising tactics and generally step on each other’s toes. Lucky for you, we have one small, palm of your hand-sized way to be a little bit different, offer something that will make potential customers remember you. It’s something that you hand out in business pretty regularly, and you have probably accumulated so many without even thinking about, many of which get tossed to the back of your desk drawer. We’re talking business cards, people – and it’s time for you to think outside the rectangle.

Rectangle Hands

Let us start by saying there is nothing wrong with your standard business card. If you prefer a more classic design, the business cards that we’ve all known and loved for many years work just fine. They are a convenient and easy way to share your personal information with potential clients, partners, freelancers and more. They can also still be customized to represent who you are, including your company logo, color scheme, and contact information. Just make sure you are getting your standard business cards printed on high-quality paper with full-color printing.

Now, for those of you who are ready to think a little differently, a little more luxuriously, let’s talk about how you can design custom business cards that will really get you noticed.

Luxury Silk Business Cards

You read that right – SILK. When potential clients are shuffling through the deck of business cards they received at their last networking event, your silk business card will feel silky smooth on their fingertips. When you design luxury business cards like these, you’ll receive durable cardstock with a unique silk overlay. These features are sure to make your business card stand out from the rest.

Foldover Business Cards

Foldover business cards let you fit more information in the same amount of space. These cards are still small enough to slide into a pocket or wallet, and won’t be tossed away because they are too bulky. These cards are great if you are a new business starting out that wants to explain a bit more about what you offer, or if your product or service is quite unique and could use a little more detail to help people understand. Either way, the luxurious cardstock and unique foldover design will get you some attention.

Appointment Cards

If you work in an industry that requires clients to book appointments, these are the cards for you! Not only can you get your name and contact info on there like your standard business card, but you can include a date and time reminder on the back, reminding them when their next visit with you is. Appointment cards are convenient for clients on the go that want to stick their reminder in their wallet or pocket and be on their way.


Now it’s really time to think outside the rectangle. Hotcards can literally be any shape you have dreamed up. Do you sell cupcakes – why not make a Hotcard in the shape of a cupcake? Auto mechanic? A car-shaped business card sounds pretty fun to us! These unique and eye-catching cards are a surefire way to get attention for your business, and to make sure the people you network with remember exactly who you are and what you offer.

Custom Hotcards

If you are ready for one of these unique business card options, be sure to work with a trustworthy business card printing service. You want a group that will give you top quality cardstock, rich full-color printing and unparalleled design.

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