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Why You Should Print Local!

Buy LocalWe all appreciate the convenience of making purchases online. We can hop on our computer, click a few buttons and be done. But with so many online printing companies out there offering you piles of products for a cheap price, you want to make sure you are going with a reliable service. When you can find the ease and convenience of online printing and combine that with a local printing service, it’s a win-win! Not only are you getting a product from a dependable and convenient online source, but you can also support your local community. Here are a few reasons to use online local printing companies for your next print job.


A local online printing company will give you excellent personalized attention, all with the convenience of online ordering. Getting paper samples, print proofs, great customer service and more will help ensure you receive the products you want. Don’t entrust your hard earned cash to a place that can’t ensure great quality and an enjoyable experience.

Economic Benefit

Support local businesses! Small businesses are the heart of our economy. By supporting your local businesses you are helping your local economy, which means more jobs and a better place to live.

Expert Advice

A good online printing company can tell you what paper stock will work with what ink and what certain inks will look like on different color stock. These are the nitty gritty details that anyone who is not a designer might not even think about. When you work with a service that has actual designers on staff you have a better chance of getting some guidance on your projects when you need it.


Identity theft anyone? Releasing your credit card online can be scary. Especially if it’s to some sketchy business that you’ve never heard of. Scroll through their website and check the reviews to find a trusted company for that added security when placing an online order. Or, if you’ve been burned before and are feeling particularly paranoid, stroll right into your local printing company’s office and have a face-to-face chat to really ensure your order is in good hands. Knowing that your printing company is just a few minutes away can offer a little extra peace of mind.

Cash Money

Contrary to popular belief, using a local service does not necessarily mean it will be more expensive. Many local printing companies are competitive with their pricing and might surprise you when their quotes are pretty close to what you gather from other online printing companies.

Cleveland printing companies like Hotcards can print both quickly and cost effectively. And the good news for you if you are not from the Cleveland area, we have a highly automated website you can order from without having to leave your house. You can work with a designer and pick up the phone to speak to a real-live-human, or, if you are the shy type, go through the design and ordering process online all on your own, without having to talk to another soul. Take advantage of a secure company that offers a professional and dependable online service with competitive pricing right in your own community!

Buy Local 14.05.2015

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