Green Printing

Green Printing: More Than Just a 00′ Trend

And not as pricey as the 'trend' tag implies…

Ever since the economy has been in the proverbial toilet, experts throughout the printing industry have been saying the same thing: nobody cares about the environment anymore.

But what's really being said here? I think it's: nobody is willing to pay more for a 'green' brand or product anymore. Fair 'nuff. Too bad for businesses that were hoping to capitalize on environmentalism as a trend. However, those businesses for whom environmental stewardship is more than a buzz word should not give up on consumers so quickly.

The root of the problem is that somehow, 'green' became a trend, and the difficulty with trends is always the same. They fly into popularity, a lot of chic terminology gets thrown around, generalizations and misconceptions abound, people buy a bunch of junk, and in the end, little of substance is gained from the collective cultural experience.

However, in this case, it's different. Here at Hotcards, we refuse to allow eco-critical thinking and environmental initiatives to fade into something that will be remembered as “so 2006.” Over the next week, we'll be looking at some of the key terms and concepts surrounding 'green' thinking as it applies to the print industry, and hopefully, we can begin to discuss why these remains relevant, important, vital despite all that has happened in the past year.

To begin, let's confront the biggest myth of all:

Green printing is too expensive!

False! Although some specialist printing houses do charge more for a designer green product, the fact is that many printers have quietly made the transition to greener printing practices with no change in pricing.

Why? Because eliminating chemicals from the printing process, using recycled-content paper, renewable energy sources, and minimizing waste isn't just a sales hook we offer customers, it's essential to the future of our industry. And that's not something we ask print buyers to pay extra for.

While it may once have been true that eco-friendly print products cost an arm and a leg, they have increasingly become the industry standard, which in turn means standard pricing.

Next time you're investing in print, don't automatically shy away from the 'green' option. Odds are, its more affordable than the word in the marketplace would have you believe.

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