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Biking Beyond Eco-Friendly Printing

Bike-to-Work Week all year round!

As a green printer, you're always stuck in a bit of a paradox. On the one hand, you're probably thinking about environmentally sound solutions more than the average business, and you're trying to green your processes all the time. On the other hand, you're a printer. You put ink on paper for a living. In short, your business is never going to be particularly great for the environment.

And that's where environmental stewardship comes in. It's not just about “how can I make this ink-on-paper thing easier on the environment?” It's about finding ways to make every aspect of your life and business greener, in order to offset the burden your industry places on the earth's resources.

Our head boss-guy, Columbus Woodruff, has just changed things around Hotcards in a way that's a perfect example of this. Columbus, who is an avid cyclist, added five new bikes to the lobby of the Hotcards office. Why? So that employees can bike, instead of drive, to lunch, or so that we can spend our breaks just cruising the neighborhood. Ah, bicycles – fast, fun, good for your mood, good for your health, and of course, great for the environment.

See Columbus talking about the new additions, and about cycling in Cleveland, in this video:

My favorite thing about the new bikes, besides the obvious fun coolness, is that they take into account the link between human health, and environmental health. In the printing industry, greening our processes also means creating safe, healthy work environments for employees, and that's something these bikes do in a big way.

(Just ignore that last part of the video where Wan is lying on the ground, gasping for air. Bikes are good for printers. I swear!)

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