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One of the coolest things about being a green printer. is that there's a great sense of community. Sharing ideas, developing new technologies, and discussing how we can push our environmental commitments to the limit is all part of this printing community.

This week, I had a chance to talk to the good folks over at Bacchus Press in San Francisco. Guy from Business Development told me all about what they're doing to help create a more sustainable printing industry:

Anne: Do you get most of your business from the West Coast, or do you find customers from all over the U.S. coming to Bacchus for green printing?

Guy: Though most of our customers are on the West Coast of the United States, about 25% of our digital printing jobs are done for customers from all over the country looking for Green Printing services at an affordable cost.

Anne: One of the challenging things about green printing is that you can always do more to reduce your ecological footprint. Does Bacchus have any plans for going even greener in 2009?

Guy: In 2009 Bacchus Press will be continuing our commitment to sustainable printing in multiple ways. The new Forest Stewardship Council standards for 2009 will be put into effect at Bacchus Press and our new online pricing and job development through our website will cut down on paper consumption and waste. We're also committing to online marketing strategies to reduce our consumption. Our new one-stop printing and mailing capabilities will also cut down on transportation and therefore Bacchus will use less energy while still offsetting our carbon footprint as a Carbon Fund partner.

Anne: Is there anything you wish your vendors and suppliers would do to help make the entire printing chain more eco-friendly?

Guy: In an ideal situation all aspects of the printing process would be conducted via email rather than through faxes and traditional mailing. If all communication between business was solely online, then the process would be even more eco-friendly.

Anne: With the current economic instability, it seems like the environmental crisis is being put on the back burner. Do you see or anticipate this affecting green printing?

Guy: Yes, of course. However, the environment will still be an issue during an economic crisis just as affordability and competitive pricing will be. No matter where the economy takes us Bacchus Press will remain committed to both Environmental Sustainability and competitive pricing so our customers can still save money and protect the earth.


Thanks, Guy! Thanks, Bacchus Press! Looks like this might be the big year when the benefits and cost of green printing start to balance out. Hopefully it won't be long before green printers become the standard, instead of the exception.

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