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5 Ways To Celebrate Like A Green Printer

The holidays are the best time to save paper.

Being a green printer is tough. And one of the hardest things about it is that no matter where we find places to reduce, reuse, and recycle, the fact is that we go through paper – a ton of paper – all the time. No matter how green we get, that's still the nature of the business, and it's the single biggest contributor to the size of our environmental footprint.

In order to offset this somewhat unavoidable negative impact, many printers and designers take steps in other areas of their lives to be extra EXTRA eco-friendly. And one of the best times of year to make a difference – especially in terms of paper – is during the holiday season.

Here are a few easy things anyone can do over the holidays to save paper and reduce waste, green printer-style:

Make your own recycled wrapping paper:

Instead of buying all that paper that turns your house into a wasteland after present opening, wrap gifts with recycled materials. This doesn't have to look tacky. Save old newspapers and decorate them with colorful hand drawings. Or if you're seriously crafty, using scrap materials for colorful, textured wrapping. Bits of old jewelry can be used instead of disposable bows and ribbons.

There goes three bags of paper garbage!

Avoid heavily packaged gifts:

Good things should come in small packages, or no packaging at all. Shop for gifts at local Christmas markets, or at small businesses selling quality items that don't need a ton of fancy packaging and labels to look beautiful.

There goes another bag of bulky paper and plastic!

Buy eco-friendly foods:

Many food manufacturers are working on reducing their packaging to make their products more environmentally friendly. A smaller label, a choice of recyclable materials, or package reshaping can make a big difference. Find out what your favorite brands are doing, and support green initiatives during the holidays!

There goes all that hard-to-recycle after-dinner food garbage!

Decorate naturally:

Instead of buying tons of paper, plastic, and other disposable Christmas decorations this year, adorn your house with natural boughs of pine, poinsettias, and sprigs of holly and mistletoe. These kinds of decorations make your house feel fresh and smell great, and when the holidays are over, they can be disposed of with no negative impact on the environment.

There goes a truly depressed bag of post-holiday junk!

Focus on people:

The recession has everybody talking about what a lean holiday season it's going to be, but the truth is that over-buying, over-spending, and over-eating don't make the season bright, people do. I'm not trying to lecture, just saying that if you want to cut down your paper consumption this year, buy less. Spend more time hugging.

Take it from a green printer. Hugs are GREAT for the planet!

And so is sharing what you're doing to be green this Christmas. Tell us about it!

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