Green Printing

Green Printing = Green Jobs = Strong Economy

Eco advocate Van Jones does the math.

Before this whole credit crisis and economic downswing took hold, I remember thinking that the final stretch of the White House race was going to be all about the environment. Remember when John McCain first received the nomination to run? His campaign came out with an elaborate array of green print advertising meant to peg him as an 'eco' Republican.

Of course, everybody forgot about that once the economy took center stage, and now the big question launching Obama's Presidency is “How are we going to heal our economy?”

For the answer, Obama's new team of problem-solvers should take a look at the printing industry, and in particular, the green printing industry. With the advent of IT and the dream of the paperless office, many people once said that the printing industry might disappear altogether. But it hasn't disappeared. In fact, it's stronger than ever because the industry adapted, and began working with the environment, instead of against it.

Apply this philosophy to the larger problems of the economic crisis and the eco-crisis. The solution to both, as green printers know, is to solve the economic crisis by solving the eco-crisis. This concept is explored very eloquently by Van Jones in his book “The Green Collar Economy,” and on his website Green For All.

Foster the growth of green business, create green jobs, because an environmentally friendly economy is a sound economy.

Take it from an eco-conscious printer – people love to buy green, and they love to work in environments that care about the planet and that make a difference everyday.

Green printing has had and continues to have a great impact on the entire printing and design industry. Green job creation can do the same thing for this whole country. Now that's printing red, white, blue, AND GREEN!

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