Green Printing

Eco-Friendly Direct Mail Printing

How to send a green message.

As the printing industry gets greener, one of the main areas where tensions arise is direct mail printing. How can it remain an effective advertising medium as consumers become more eco-conscious?

An interesting study conducted by market research agency CCB Fast.MAP, in the UK, has come up with some answers. CCB found that un-personalized direct mail – stuff like flyers handed out by kids on the weekends – is perceived as being bad for the environment by almost 50% of consumers.

On the other hand, addressed, targeted direct mail – the kind brought by the postman – is seen as environmentally harmful by only 20% of consumers polled.

It also seems that people are more inclined to view poorly printed, black and white leaflets, flyers, and brochures as 'junk,' as opposed to nicely designed, full color direct mail printing.

If an advertiser makes the effort to design a nice mailer, and has it sorted, addressed, and targeted by direct mail specialists, it has far less chance of being perceived as 'junk,' and hence, harmful to the environment.

It's also a great idea to include a small mission statement on a piece of direct mail printing that informs consumers of your environmental policies, or even just lets them know that the mail they're holding was printed by a green printer. In this way, environmental concerns can be addressed before they start.

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