Green Printing

Printing Green, Red, White, and Blue

It's all part of the same philosophy.

Right now, we're not seeing the Presidential candidates talk about the environment too much, but you can bet that once the primaries are settled, it will become a major issue. After all, it's great to see the printing industry thinking green. Now, our government needs to do the same thing. I think this would be a much more hot button issue if we weren't so wrapped up in who the Democratic nominee will be.

In the coming years, some of the most political choices we make will be in terms of our relationship to the environment. It won't just be about choosing a union printer, but a printshop that is reducing its ecological footprint. By the same token, even now, print buyers aren't just looking at a printer's recycled paper content, but at our ties to local businesses and suppliers.

That's why I love this sweet new ad Hotcards' designer Glen Infante put together for upcoming issues of HOW and Print magazines. One of the coolest things about the ad, I think, is that it makes the connection between politics and environmentalism. And not just that, but patriotism and environmentalism. To me, eco-friendliness and pride in one's country are the same thing. Don't you think?

Hotcards ad for Print and How

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