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Pennsylvania Chooses Eco-Friendly Print Editing

Sometimes the best solutions are DIY

There's no doubt that Barack Obama's election campaign has got its eye on the ball when it comes to print design. Their branding is consistent, their market penetration is intense, and the team is clearly aware of what's hot these days when it comes to print design. But sometimes, the slickest campaigns lack in a certain personal, down-to-earth quality. That's why I was happy to see Obama campaigners in Pennsylvania advertising with these signs quite a bit lately:

DIY sign editing

I don't know if this is an example of sign recycling from an earlier primary, or if a simple typo was made in the printing process. When I first saw the duct type, I thought, “ugh, how unsightly.” However, on reflection, the covered date seems not so much like an error, but like a wise move, and moreover, something to be proud of.

Why? Because campaigners in Pennsylvania could have had these giant signs reprinted. Instead, they saved campaign funds AND valuable resources by simply covering the error with some duct tape. I hope that when voters see these signs, they don't look at the duct tape as a mistake, but as a choice to help the environment and avoid waste.

I believe in the importance of high quality election campaign print advertising, but 'high quality' doesn't just mean nice design, it also means being mindful of our ecological footprint. Good on ya, Penn campaigners!

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