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Direct Mail Comes in Leather Now?

The words 'green advertising' do not come to mind…

While the rest of the direct mail industry is scratching its head over what it can do to make direct mail campaigning more environmentally friendly, marketers for Mercedes-Benz aren't worried. In fact, they're taking their environmental footprint to a whole new level with their latest campaign, which embodies luxury in the form of a chrome message encased in an embossed leather envelop.

Something tells me that leather isn't the alternative to paper that we've been searching for.

I'm proud to say that here at Hotcards, no animals are harmed in the making of our direct mail campaigns. In fact, we encourage businesses to choose mailers that don't require envelops, such as postcards and magazines. Even a brochure or a single-sheet letter can be mailed without an envelop by sealing the folds with a sticker.

I guess that, unlike Honda, Mercedes-Benz is not looking for was to 'green up' its image.

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