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Signs for Climate Change

When it comes to outdoor election campaign advertising, the best design and the brightest colors can't make up for choosing print materials that can't weather the storm.

Around here at Hotcards, we, like most of you out there in webland, are getting pretty excited about the '08 elections. Man, they are a long way away, but it's obvious that more than a few of us are ready to start seeing some change, um…now!

I, and I know I'm not alone on this, would LOVE to see Gore run. His focus on environmental issues like climate change hits the nail on the head in for what concerns me. I want to see SOMEONE in ye oval office who's not actively committed to pretending that global warming doesn't exist. And hey, Obama may be a Hollywood darling, but how about a president who's actually nominated for two Oscars!

My question is why shouldn't enviro issues be at the top of the docket? After all, this past year or so has given us a pretty extreme wake-up call. The last several months brought in some seriously wacky weather, and the snow and freezing in areas, and lack thereof in others have got everybody scared, and THINKING (if just barely).

In my opinion, climate change and natural resource depletion should be the single biggest issue on any major running candidate's political agenda this campaign season. And if you're thinking “blasphemy!” “scandal!” I say to you that the war in Iraq and climate change are so intimately connected that you cannot fight one without the other.

But this is a printing blog, and I promised to do my best to stay focused. My focus being that the combination of a lengthy campaign season and our existence at the tip of the slowly melting global warming iceberg means a long, rough season ahead. On both fronts, outdoor campaign signs need to be built to weather the storm.

It doesn't matter where your constituents live these days, they, and your campaign signs, are still subject to rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes, and who knows what else. Bad news, because if your signs look old and busted weeks or even months before the election, then everybody who stares at them day after day is going to start to get old and busted feelings about your candidacy, too.

You can learn about how to choose durable outdoor signs here.

Choosing sign materials that will weather the storm makes a statement about who you are as a candidate almost as strongly as do the words on the sign. Without actually having to fit the information in between your name and the election date, you want to say, “I'm in it for the long haul. And not the kind of long haul where I deteriorate visibly before your eyes until I stand before you, a shadow of my former self, babbling on while Nancy Pelosi blinks uncomfortably over my shoulder…

Ah, there, I've said too much. Time to call it quits. I'll just settle down to a cup of organic mint tea, catch my breath, and wait for the coming apocalypse…


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