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Director Rob Reiner Gives Snaps to Political Sign Printing

Clinton campaign video points to signage as key to the democratic voting process! Nice endorsement!

The Hilary Clinton campaign has been making good use of its supporters amongst the rich and famous over the last few weeks. First, John Grisham wrote an email that was sent to everyone on the campaign mailing list, reminding us to donate, donate, donate!

Now, Rob Reiner, who directed such awesome movies as “Stand By Me” and “The Princess Bride,” and such politically apropos films as “A Few Good Men” and, wait for it…”The American President,” has directed a video for the Clinton camp in which he 'directs' campaign volunteers on how to best show their enthusiasm for Hilary.

While making this video is, in itself, something of a noble pursuit, Reiner really won my heart, and the hearts of printers everywhere, with his brilliant conclusion, in which he succinctly and, I believe, correctly, places his finger on the pulse of what makes up ideal voter participation in democratic politics.

The video ends with these downright inspiring words: “Make Noise, MAKE SIGNS, Make History.”

Just beautiful.

Reiner here confirms what I have been saying for months on this blog, which is that political printing, a.k.a. the making of signs, is one of the true cornerstones of democracy. The only way our government can function is if everybody is informed, and the only way that everybody gets informed is, as Reiner points out, through making noise and through well-designed full color printing.

Well, maybe he didn't say exactly that, but it's close enough for me!
Hooray for Rob Reiner! Hooray for democracy! And whether it's hand-letter or printed at Hotcards, hooray for political signage!


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