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It's that time of the year when the perpetual act of political campaigning pushes into hyper-drive in advance of the fall elections, so that means Hotcards must again do its part in cheerleading the process. Like virtually any printing business, we're up to our ears in direct mail pieces and lawn signs this time of the year, and naturally we have our favorite mediums. In fact, we'll go out on a limb and state that we think direct mail pieces are the most sensible thing a candidate can employ. And employ often! That's our suggestion anyway.

Now, it does depend on how much attention is paid to creation of the thing. A slothfully-created, black and white piece of campaign literature isn't gonna sway anyone but the candidate's mother. But a well-put-together, four color piece which at least takes a stab at persuasion is more than likely to be a home run. It may be a two run homer when the opponent has an insurmountable lead, but that's not a failure of the direct mail piece. It ostensibly did its job.

Now, you might be thinking this isn't the slickest way to pursue young voters… but guess again! A 2011 study by TRU shows that 65 percent of Millennials (those born after 1985) say they prefer to read something on paper. Remember—there are more than 100 million Millennials in the U.S.! Besides that, how many times do people have to note how infrequently and erratically they vote anyway, before people cease casting their lots with them? You want people who vote en masse, you want old and middle-aged people, as well as Millennials. No medium serves as a guarantee that all intended targets of a piece of campaign literature will read it, but direct mail does rather well in this regard. There are lots of academic studies out there that show political direct mail works, and there are campaigns and organizations that run tests that show that political direct mail can have a statistically significant impact.

So really, you can go to all the Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfasts you like and plaster your electoral district with billboards, but there's nothing as simple and persuasive as dropping a direct mail piece in the voters' mailboxes. Of course, it would probably be sensible to do all of the above. Your opponent probably will.


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Print Politics 05.08.2014

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