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Hot on the Campaign Printing Trail

Election campaign printing is on the rise even as summer heats things up…

We're getting close to the middle of this hot, rainy summer season. If we were kids, we'd probably all be lazing around in the backyard, haunting friend's pools or the mall to beat the humidity. But now that we're all grown up, every summer we get to relearn the tough lesson that business doesn't stop for the heat!

Things are unbelievably bumpin' around here at Hotcards. In fact, many of our locations are busier than ever with all the orders flooding in from election campaign customers in need of poster printing, palm card printing, flyer printing, and just about every other type of political campaign printing you can imagine.

Instead of being a season of “campaign fatigue,” as some pundits predicted, this summer has found candidates for the White House and for Congress taking their games through the roof.

On the Democrat side, everybody seems to be buzzing about a joint Clinton – Obama ticket. Hmm, if that happened, you have to wonder how campaign strategists on both sides would come to agreement on the print promotions for the double bill. While Clinton's print designs are traditional and slogan-based, the Obama campaign's print designs are slick and modern, with a preference for symbols over slogans.

It often happens at Hotcards that two businesses, recently merged, come to us to help them design or redesign a cohesive corporate identity. It's interesting to see, in these cases, how feelings about print design can actually say a lot about who you are and what you believe as a business person. Sometimes, the arrival at design cohesion can solidify a partnership. Other times, the failure to agree can tear an alliance apart.

That's the great thing about design. It's always about so much more than it appears to be on the surface.

While the Clinton – Obama ticket is still a pipe dream, the disintegration of the McCain election campaign has become a fact of life for the GOP. Despite the hype surrounding McCain's entrance into the election race, the interest, and campaign funds generated, have been dismal.

Because of these results, and the campaign's failed attempt to generate a truly national political organization, infighting has led to the resignation of key McCain staffers over the last week, including the majority of the press staff.

It should be interesting to see what the McCain election campaign's new national communications director, Jill Hazelbaker, will do to save this sinking ship. Will she stick with McCain's austere and imposing print designs? Will she stay on the “Straight Talk Express” or put it out to pasture? And when, oh when, will another smart election campaign get its act together and start making funny videos like Hillary?

Okay, maybe I'm getting a bit off track. This heat is going straight to my head! But one thing that remains crystal clear is this: it might be the dead of summer, but the election race is hopping, and so is the demand for print promotions and print design. Stick with us for updates on all things pertaining to print design and election campaign coverage. We'll be here, keeping busy to beat the heat, (and ruining pool parties with poolside work sessions!) all summer long!


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