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Obama Joker Poster Printing Controversy

Why so serious?

It's a rare enough thing for a poster to make news. During the presidential election campaign, Shepard Fairey's HOPE poster became a pretty big deal, as did a herd of spin-off poster printing. Now, months later, another Obama-inspired poster is taking L.A. by storm, and hitting the national news.

All summer, an anonymous artist has been pasting a kinda-grusome spoof poster up around the Los Angeles area, of President Obama in Heath Ledger-style Joker makeup, labeled with the tag “Socialism.”

The poster has become, for many, one of the key icons of this summer's debate over health care reform. And more than that, it's been called both a racially charged image, and conversely, an obviously-not-race-focused, tongue-in-cheek political statement.

What do you think, blog readers? What does this summer's big poster printing scandal mean? Who is it helping? Who is it hurting? And why is it standing out as so reactionary amongst the host of politically satirical printing out there?

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