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The Political Printing Just Keeps On Coming

New Obama poster!

Silly me. Silly, silly, silly me. Earlier this week, I wrote a post about the Presidential inauguration invitation printing, and I said something about it being “one last piece of political printing” for the season.

Of course, what I failed to take into account is that the Barack Obama campaign wasn't just a thing that happened. It was, and continues to be, a well-loved and now enduring brand. Which means Obama's entire presidency will likely be characterized by the regular release of carefully designed, branded material.

Take now, for example, the official inauguration button, t-shirt, sticker and poster printing being released by the Barack Obama Inaugural Committee. The design is another creation from once-edgy-now-official presidential artist Shepard Fairey. It can be purchased in the Inaugural Committee's online store.

Now I know why every invitation to the swearing-in of the President was also stuffed with a pamphlet for the inaugural store.

The question is – now that Obama is officially going to be President, will the print and other branded collateral keep on coming? Is Fairey some kind of official White House designer? And how did the guy behind such anti-establishment street art campaigns as 'Obey Giant' and 'Be the Revolution' worm his way into the administration of this country?

It just goes to show – keep your eye on those shifty print designers. They've got their fingers in all the honey pots, and the next thing you know, this country's going to be run by people who base their votes on a candidate's font selection.

Not that that's such a bad thing.

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