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Political Tensions Surround Election Campaign Printing

And it's not just happening here!

Now that this incredibly long election campaign season is zipping towards a conclusion, we're seeing some pretty crazy stuff on the campaign trail. People are going nuts over this election, and a lot of the nuttiness is coming out through election campaign signs.

I'm not going to post any links here, because most of the stuff is pretty awful, but I'm sure you've all been hearing stories about campaign signs on lawns, and scenes at rallies expressing hatred of the candidates, threats, and racism.

Believe it or not, something similar is taking place in Canada, where a federal election is also being held, today. Over the last few weeks, voters in Toronto have been targeted for having left-wing political campaign signs on their lawns. Not only have the signs been defaced, homes have been graffitied, power and phones lines cut, and even brakes on cars have been cut.

And the elections in Canada, although reflective of the tenor surrounding the elections here, are nowhere near as politically charged. Still, it seems that tempers are running high all over, and even supporting your favorite candidate can be taken as a bold political statement.

What do you think – are political campaign signs becoming a dangerous way to express an opinion? And more importantly, what do political printing and freedom of speech have to do with each other?

I'm going to do some research and get back to you guys on this. Until then, let me know if you know anything interesting about freedom of speech as it relates to printed materials!

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