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Election Campaign Print Design…For Kids!

Because it COULD get a whole lot more childish.

The unlikely geniuses over at have stumbled onto a rare funny moment with a contest to see who could come up with an election campaign poster print design geared to young voters.

Seriously young voters.

The Cracked contest asks designers (and just about anyone who feels like it) to create a poster print design that imagines the voter age to be right around six years old.

Clearly, most budding campaign planners believe that the 6-13 demographic will vote Democratic, particularly if they can be made to equate their candidate with a Jedi, Hogwarts wizard, or other superhero-type character.

Political printing designed for the 6-13s would also have to hit the important issues for that age group, such as increasing tooth fairy payouts, bringing back the old Facebook, and of course, for the boys, boobs.

The topic is silly, sure, but it begs the question, how silly is the next month of election campaign printing and other advertising gonna get?

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