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Show Them Your Button, Tell Them Who Sent You

Election campaign advertising takes a (sinister?) new turn.

For the first time in the history of election campaign printing, the unthinkable is happening. A candidate who is no longer running for office is continuing to campaign!

Under the direct approval and supervision of the now-theoretically-defunct Clinton campaign, supporters at HILLPAC have launched a mini-promotion modestly titled, “Hillary Sent Me.” The campaign is attempting to mobilize Clinton supporters in backing the Democrats' Obama-Biden ticket.

The promo is relatively modest – a suggestion of meet-up locations, a bit of button printing, a bit of sticker printing – but it's still pretty weird, isn't it? Since when do candidates who are out of the race continue to campaign?

Sure, they might help out their colleagues in the winning campaign, but to create a slogan, a color scheme, a website, and campaign printing around the losing candidate herself? The whole thing smacks of a certain degree of two-facedness.

For one thing, the campaign implies that Hillary supporters are failing to back Obama, a concept that the opposition McCain campaigners love to push.

For another thing, the campaign itself suggests that Hillary supporters will not participate in the election anymore unless it's somehow made clear (through button, sticker, and sign printing) that they are there to support Hillary's position, not Obama's.

Ultimately, it doesn't seem like this campaign is working to support Obama-Biden, so much as keeping Clinton's run for office fresh and relevant in everyone's mind. The strategy, disguised as a show of support, has the potential to come off as a subversive force in this final sprint for the White House.

Also in a bid to keep the good times rolling (or maybe just to pay the bills), Hillary is doing some DVD cover printing. The campaign is selling off copies of Clinton speeches, for a paltry donation of $50.00, or $250.00, if you want your copy personally signed by Hillary.

What a circus!

To top it all off, I want to see some “Ron Paul Sent Me,” election campaign printing. The only question is: if Ron Paul did indeed send me somewhere, where would it be?

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