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Signs of Hope & Change Election Campaign Printing

Political print design from all across the nation!

Check out this cool video from the Obama Presidential campaign that's built around election campaign printing and handmade signs created by supporters all across the country! Nothing beats full color printing for making a big visual impact…

And maybe you're thinking, “but wait, Anne, what about digital media? You can't say those giant screens at the DNC, and all the ultra-glossy campaign websites take a backseat to full color printing!”

But that's exactly what I'm saying, kids! In the Signs of Hope and Change video, the signs create the visual impact in concert with all the people holding and waving them together.

Holding a sign is like reading a good book. You COULD do it with a computer screen, but the feeling of that paper in your hands is special, the visual appeal is unique, and it demonstrates a connection between people and ideas that doesn't always come across in digital media.

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