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Election campaign printing gets the giggles.

From Alaska to D.C., all the last-minute election campaign print ads are coming out, and for some reason, they're kinda funny.

The Democratic National Convention begins today in Denver, Colorado, but that's not where all the print advertising action is. In Alaska, voters are on the brink of reelecting their one and only Congressman, and for the first time in 18 terms, change may be in the wind.

Alaska has been Republican for a long time, but now it looks like the Democrats might have a shot at that coveted House seat. To capitalize on the opportunity, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has produced a series of direct mail printing slamming BOTH Republican primary candidates – mostly by making them look like funny bobble-heads.

The direct mail ads are actually glossy full color printing, but I could only find these black and white images. Still, you get the idea. LOL bobble-heads.


Hike back across Canada to the scene in Colorado, and you'll find the Obama campaign airing a similarly tongue-in-cheek ad throughout battleground states. The ad features a reworking of the Sam Cooke classic, “Wonderful World,” sung to images of John McCain in some of his goofier moments…

The TV spot comes at the end of a long string of fairly vicious attack ads against McCain, and was probably designed to compliment the DNC, which is attempting to focus on change and positivity, rather than mudslinging.

On the Republican side, the advertising focus during the DNC is to hype the disdain felt by Hillary Clinton and Clinton supporters for the presumptive Dem Candidate. McCain's latest ad features a 'former Clinton supporter' throwing away print ads and signs for Hillary, and picking up election campaign printing in favor of John McCain.

Now, if there's one thing I like, it's TV spots designed entirely around printed materials, and this one is a real showcase of the history of McCain's election sign printing. However, I don't think the ad was really meant to fit into this LOL Print Ads roundup, it just sort of happened.

Somewhere between the Hillary Clinton lookalike actor, the tossing of the print ads, and the, “A lot of Democrats will vote McCain. It's okay, (stage whisper) really,” I had a laugh.

So what's up with all this lighthearted TV and print advertising? Maybe campaigners realized they were going a bit overboard with all the attack ads. Maybe advertisers cottoned on to the fact that people are sick of being grim and depressed. Or maybe this late in the game, we've all just got the giggles that come sometimes along with exhaustion. What do you think?

Tell me your thoughts on funny election campaign print advertising. And whichever way you vote, I hope some of these will make you laugh, at least a little bit, on the inside, maybe.

Happy Monday, printers and print enthusiasts!

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