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Clinton Holds T-shirt Print Design Contest

Apparel print that stands the test of time?

The media might be declaring this primary race over, but Hillary Clinton isn't giving up. As if we were still in the height of the contest, the Clinton camp is holding a little promotion entitled “Hillary Presents Project T-shirt.”

For the past few weeks, supporters were invited to send in designs for t-shirt printing. Yesterday, the campaign released their final five, and now we, the people, get to vote on our favorite. The winning shirt will go on sale in the campaign store.

Tee design pics after the jump.






According to the All-Seeing Eye, er, I mean, the Blogosphere, Clinton is getting to the party late with its supporter-created print designs, but have a good look at the finalists. To me, it seems like most of the finalists serve not just as campaign promotional tools, but nice mementos of the election-that-was.

When it comes to apparel printing – and t-shirt printing, in particular – the question of relevance is always at issue. When the t-shirt comes off the press, it's so ultra-relevant. The images, logos, slogans, and style are of the moment – such as “Hillary in '08,” “ALF – Haa, I kill me,” or “Expo '86.”

Unfortunately, months, or even weeks later, our trendy t-shirt printing becomes, at best, dated, and at worst, seriously uncool.

The good news is that we're living in a culture addicted to retro throwbacks. This means that a neon 80s-inspired tee bearing the slogan “Hillary for a brighter tomorrow,” will enjoy a surge of popularity and ironic coolness in the 2040s! Sweet!

So when you vote for your fav Hillary t-shirt design, don't just focus on what you want to wear today. Think about what you want your kids to wear 30 years from now.

Personally, I like the one with the pantsuit, because its apparel printing on top of apparel printing, which means you get to enjoy double the fashion going out of style, and then coming back in three decades later!

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