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The Afterlife of Election Campaign Printing

Where does it all go?

The primary election cycle has been running for months on end, and for many communities, caucuses and primaries are immediately followed by municipal elections. That means a LOT of full color printing, much of which finds itself homeless after the fun of the election season.

While the Presidential primary may not yet be officially called, apparel sellers know which way the wind is blowing. The business in this pic had to do some emergency sale printing to sell off its Hillary Clinton tees. Kind of reminds me of how, once a game is obviously lost, the hotdogs vendors mysteriously disappear from outside the stadium or arena. That's how you know it's over.

Signs, posters, banners, and apparel are the big items often left to their own devices when the world moves on. But the last thing we want is for these hard working signs to be retired to the local landfill. Fortunately, as for political candidates, there is some form of afterlife for election campaign printing.

Let's look at the job boards:

Souvenirs Wanted!

Were you part of a historic election campaign (say, the 2008 Presidential Primary)? Are you a sign, banner, or other piece of full color printing that can remind me of how I spent the last year of my life? If so, please apply for a spot on my wall. Desirable candidates may warrant framing.

Unique Recycling Opportunity

Inspired by eco-artists in the Philippines, we are looking for cloth and plastic signs, banners, and posters willing to be transformed into purses, backpacks, wallets, and other trendy accessories. Only election campaign printing looking for a makeover need apply.

Can You Stand The Test Of Time?

Looking for job security? Election campaign printing that is designed without inclusion of a date may be qualified for storage until the next campaign season. Sturdy, un-faded print advertising can be reused, saving your candidates big money and doing Mother Earth a favor.

Paper! Cardboard! No Plastic, Please!

Efficient, professional recycling centers nationwide seeking recyclable card stock signs. Corrugated plastic and plastic bag sings with opaque backgrounds should seek specialized recycling experts to deal with their unique situation. Best of luck to all applicants!

Joking aside, it's true that paperboard signs recycle much more easily than plastic signs, but recycling itself has a high environmental impact, and should only be used as a last resort. Any of the solutions listed above can, and should, be used to turn old campaign printing from trash into treasure.

We can only hope that the losing candidates have as many post-election opportunities as their full color printing!

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