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John McCain Gets His Green On

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I always thought that once this primary business was over, one of the central issues that would hit the election stage would be the environment. Democrat or Republican, we have to think about how are we going to proceed in a world that has shown itself to be, at the very least, ecologically fragile.

Apparently tired of resting on his laurels while his opponents fight it out, John McCain has launched the next phase of this Presidential campaign, and its focus is on the eco-conscious voter. Organic bamboo and cotton apparel, printed with a new, green McCain logo, is available on his website, along with a new section dedicated to his policies on global climate change.


Like the rest of McCain's web and print designs, the new green logo hovers between well done, and overdone. I like the color scheme, and the little recycling logo that's replaced his military-esque star.

The partial background of water droplets is a bit much, making the design look almost like a beer ad. However, it's well in line with the campaign's presentation of McCain as a candidate who is almost boyishly eager to do a good job.

Altogether a brave move, considering the flak the campaign is now taking from right-wing pundits who are accusing McCain of pandering to left-wing eco-activists.

As if it's some sort of Republican badge of honor to insist that climate change isn't real.

The point that the McCain campaign is making in the face of its detractors is that the environment cannot be seen as a conventional political issue. The importance of thinking green has nothing to do with party affiliation, race, or gender. It's an issue for anyone who is simply a human being living on the planet earth, and it's nice to see that McCain is tapped into this, even if only as a campaign strategy.

Looking ahead, we can expect to see a bunch of green election campaign printing coming out of the McCain camp, and bearing the beer logo. It will be very interesting to watch to what degree McCain's ad folks integrate the greenness into his print collateral, because I do believe that it will be one of the central issues of the next phase of the race.

But what will the Dem nominee do? He or she will have to pick a very different shade of green printing upon which to build a platform. Which makes me wonder, in the end, will it come down to forest green vs. emerald green? A green printing standoff just when you thought the Presidential design race was getting boring! Sounds good to me.

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