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Supporter-Created Artwork For Clinton

Just when you thought Obama had the upper hand…

Over the last few months, I've been posting a lot of stuff about the artwork and print designs being created by supporters for Barack Obama. My coverage hasn't been exactly even-handed, unfortunately, because I've had trouble finding examples of poster printing, sign printing, and other designs being created by Hillary Clinton lovers.

Then I ran across Gretchen Baer.

Not only is Gretchen printing for Hillary, she' s also designed plates, apparel, and yes, an entire car, in support of Clinton's campaign.



The Hillcar is all hand-painted, I believe. No vehicle wrap printing here.
However, the design is easily as inspiring as many of the wrapped tour buses we've seen throughout the course of this campaign season. While campaign-funded vehicle wrapping has to engage in a certain level of decorous restraint, none had to be exercised on the Hillcar; the vehicle's charm lies in the light and passion conveyed by the artist.

Although the Hillcar is Gretchen's tour de force, she's also doing some apparel printing in the form of blazers and masks that make up a Hillsuit – a costume supporters can wear to actually look like Hillary Clinton. Many Hillsuits = the Hillary Clinton Army.


As I mentioned, Gretchen is also rocking some plate designs (machine-washable!) and several different portraits of the candidate that are turning up on poster printing, sticker printing, and button printing all over the country. The artist's multimedia representations of Clinton are an interesting testament to her folk-roots, and feminist, voter base; an interesting contrast when compared to the urban, often grafitti-influenced artwork coming from Obama supporters.



Throw vehicle wrap printing and apparel printing into this mix, and you've got nothing short of a campaign that rivals that being rolled out by the Clinton camp itself!

If this isn't the wildest Presidential campaign in our country's, and possibly world, history, then I don't know what was. And we're not even in the home stretch yet!

Can't wait to see what Gretchen rolls out if Clinton does somehow pull of the nomination.


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