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Clinton fine-tunes fundraising to encourage voter participation.

Good news! The Clinton campaign read my post yesterday and is taking my awesome advice!

Hehe, well, maybe not quite, but they are bringing a bit of a different spin to their online fundraising efforts. In anticipation of the Pennsylvania primary on April 22nd, Clinton supporters can now choose where their donation money will be spent, whether on TV, online, on the radio, or in print. The new strategy is geared towards getting voters more involved in the creative side of campaigning.

Clinton is trying to raise $50, 000 for 111, 000 yard signs, to show her campaign's strength, and $15, 000 for 60, 000 door hangers, to raise awareness about voting. Compared to the 2.5 mil she's looking for for TV ads, print advertising sure looks like a low-cost election marketing solution, doesn't it?

What I want to know is, who's printing for the Clinton camp? Considering that most of the legwork is done by volunteers, the cost of printing seems awfully, awfully high. Even at our highest rates, with no bulk discount price, Clinton could save thousands of dollars by printing with Hotcards.

But I digress…

The point is that Clinton's campaign is trying to get voters more involved, and that's essential to the success of any campaign, of any size. Now all they have to do is start a trend of supporters designing election campaign printing for them…

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