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Clinton Wins ‘Super Tuesday: The Revenge’

Review of Candidate Printing Leading Up To March 4th

I have to admit, I was happy to see Hillary Clinton get a couple of wins here in Ohio and in Texas last night. Why? Because it means that the race is still on! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we voted the way that we did just to keep the action going. And that's a great thing. Like Barack Obama has said repeatedly throughout his campaign, it's all about getting people excited about politics again.

On the Republican side, conversely, the race is over. BOOORRRR-ING! An election campaign that's all tied up with a neat little bow has never inspired great full color print advertising. If John McCain doesn't get as much attention on this blog as Clinton and Obama, it's because he's not stepping up with some killer print designs. I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, what's going to get you play here is the quality of your print advertising.

That being said, what was the quality of the full color printing offered by the Dem campaigns over the last few weeks? Did the printing predict the winner? Let's take a look:

TexasHillary TexasObamatexasobama

Clinton and Obama both had unique sign designs created and printed for Texas. Pretty straightforward designs, in line with what the campaigns have produced thusfar, but with a touch of flair to let voters know that these puppies were printed FOR Texas.

OhioHillary OhioObama

In Ohio, on the other hand, the focus seemed to be on slogans to capture the imagination of voters. Both campaigns zeroed in on economic issues as being central to voters here.

Meet Me in Ohio

A surprise from the Hillary camp was this 'Meet Me in Ohio' sign. It's official election campaign printing, but it's nothing like any previous design we've seen from them. In fact, the simple design and sans serif font is more reminiscent of the printing being done by John McCain or Barack Obama. But hey, in Ohio it was all about trying new things in order to stay alive, and it worked for Clinton!



New is also what Hillary offered when it came to banners. While the Obama camp stuck with the classic 'Change We Can Believe In” banner, banners printed by Clinton's union supporters took a fresh angle, picking up the catch phrase “Smart Choice.” The banner design is a little busy, but with the heft of the UTU and the union printing bug behind it, the message came across loud and clear.

IndependentObama IndependentObama IndependentObama

Although unions made a big show of support for Hillary on March 4th, it's Obama that's known for drawing the enthusiasm of independent supporters. Some of the best work this election season is coming from enthusiastic voters, and the turnout in Ohio and Texas was no exception.

However, from scanning through thousands of photos of election campaign printing, I've started to get the feeling that the Obama camp is far more concerned than the Clinton camp when it comes to maintaining the integrity of its print collateral. At this point, we're seeing Clinton trying new things and embracing the designs of union supporters, whereas the almost Teflon appearance of Obama's print collateral is remaining just that – slick – and nothing more.

It may have been Hillary Clinton's willingness to try new things, AND truly embrace the print designs offered by her supporters, that won the day in Ohio and Texas. What do you think? Is Obama at risk of getting stuck in a rut?

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