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Should Presidential Candidates Be Printing Locally?

How are those big election campaign print advertising budgets spent?

Check out this great review that a member of the Hotcards team did of the print collateral at a recent rally with Michelle Obama:

“I didn't make it to the big rally on Saturday. However, I did make it to the rally held at the CSU Atrium Thursday (February 21st), by Michelle Obama. I was surprised at the lack of literature and promotional material. I managed to pick up a tiny pamphlet (off of the floor) only to discover it was printed in Chicago.

The other thing I found rather interesting there were a few Obama signs placed strategically in the building. They were primarily vinyl banners, which were probably their staple signs used whenever they travel.

Lastly – here is the kicker – there was a McCain supporter amongst this crowd…how do I know? He made his own sign using a blue ink pen and a bright yellow piece of paper. You know the paper that separates notebooks into 3-5 sections. The sign was very tacky, but effective…lol. It got my attention, not to mention Michelle Obama's. She quelled the McCain supporter, who was desperately attempting trying to steal her shine by stating Barack is ready to take on the Republicans.”

Reaction after the break…

Thanks for the investigative report, Telly! It's interesting to hear about McCain supporters doing a bit of independent campaigning. Most of the activity of this type that you hear about is done on behalf of the democratic candidates.

I'm guessing that, although the Obama campaign has a huge print advertising budget, they still have to spread out their resources over multiple events at a time. Maybe this explains the lack of signs, posters, and stickers?

That being said, a lack of campaign literature like brochures and pamphlets seems odd. These are the best tools for informing and winning over segments of the crowd that are at the rally just to check things out and make up their minds.

And printed in Chicago, you say? I think that it's important for candidates to have their full color printing for local events done at local printing houses. It shows voters that candidates are ready to support all states, not just their home states. Is this a reasonable expectation?


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