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Anti-Huckabee Political Printing on the Rise

Flyers, mailers, TV ads, and, of course, Chuck Norris

In recent weeks, Republican Primary candidate Mike Huckabee has started to receive some media attention for his rise in the polls.Huckabee has come out of absolutely Nowheresville to beat out both Mitt Romney and John McCain in early states, even rivaling Rudy Giuliani for top spot in the Republican race.

All this means that a candidate none of us knew anything about a few weeks ago is now under the lens. Both Dems and rival Republicans are working their butts off to dredge up every scrap of negative press they can on Huckabee in an effort to slow his rise. Concomitantly, some very anti-Huckabee political printing and advertising has been popping up, ranging from the scathing to the hilarious.

The Romney campaign is most on the defensive. In the last week, they've released a TV ad in Iowa criticizing his left-leaning stance on immigration, as well as a direct mail campaign designed specifically to make voters think twice about voting for Huckabee. reports that “the mail piece specifically describes Huckabee as committed to 'eligibility for state-supported college scholarships'” for illegal immigrants.

These criticisms of Huckabee are fairly light. Still, many observers are questioning the Romney campaign's use of negative political printing during the holiday season. People want to open mailboxes full of holiday greetings at this time of year. Negative political literature ranks a bit lower on the Christmas wish list.

But candidates aren't the only ones taking time off from holiday festivities to pump out some anti-Huckabee political printing. A group that identifies itself as “Anyone But Huckabee” blanketed Iowan church parking lots with flyers this Sunday. The tongue-in-cheek print design asked church-goers, “Is Mike Huckabee the Antichrist?”

The full text of the flyer – which is a bit copy-heavy from a print design perspective – can be read here. Although the tagline is extreme, the body of the flyer is pretty funny, and I think it's debatable whether it was actually intended as a strike against Huckabee. The points on the flyer are so outlandish that they could be read as a joke criticism of all the anti-Huckabee rhetoric that has been thrown around so far this December.

Regardless of the flyer's true intent, however, it's certainly another interesting example of campaigning being done by individuals in support of, or against, the candidates they love, or love to hate.

Try as I might, I haven't found too many examples of Mike Huckabee political printing that could explain his meteoric rise in the polls. Huckabee's official print designs are, in fact, fairly bland and poorly designed. The only logical explanation for his success is the recent endorsement of his campaign by Chuck Norris. Not only does Huckabee have a whole line of “Chuck for Huck” print designs available on his website, some of them even bear the venerable slogan “Chuck Doesn't Endorse, He Tells You How It's Going To Be.”


Have you seen any other political printing popping up in recent days, for or against Mike Huckabee? If so, let us know, and we'll post about it here!


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