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Vehicle wrapping – it's not just for Republicans!

It's official, John Edwards has become the second Presidential candidate, after John McCain, to focus a leg of his campaign around vehicle wrapping.

The Edwards team is currently in the midst of a 31 county circuit of Iowa entitled the “Fighting for One America Bus Tour.” Blasting the Willie Nelson classic, “On the Road Again,” the Fighting Bus acts as a giant moving advertisement for the campaign, complete with slogans “Fighting for One America,” and several prominent displays of the campaign website address.

In a fit of what I think can only be considered good taste, the Edwards camp deigned not to include a giant, smiling picture of John Edwards on the vehicle wrap.

The Iowa bus tour comes on the heels of the Edwards campaign's early pull-out of Nevada. The campaign reduced staffing in Nevada last week to focus more resources on other early voting states, but some Nevadans are taking it as a snub, while campaign watchdogs say it's a telling sign of Edwards' limited resources.

As was the case with the McCain campaign, this bus tour seems to come on the heels of rumors that the campaign is under financial pressure. Of course, that's Presidential-candidate-financial-pressure, not regular-people-financial-pressure, which means that they've just got 30 million bucks to work with while the other front runners have 50 million. Easy to sympathize, isn't it?

Just kidding.

You can't compare the expense of vehicle wrapping to the low cost of flyer printing, or postcard printing. However, the impact of vehicle wrapping from a marketing perspective is huge, and well worth the investment. Vehicle wrapping is easily peeled off, which means you don't even need to own your own bus (or whatever) to use it.

If the Edwards campaign is financially limited, it might be difficult to run a major TV commercial campaign in Iowa, like the Clinton camp is doing, but they can sure wrap up a giant bus and hit the dusty campaign trail with everything they've got!

Edwards' giant rolling advertisement is hitting its mark in Iowa. We'll have to keep an eye on the Fighting Bus and see how its style changing as it rolls into other states…


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