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Political Printing – Circa 2014

The 2014 Political Season is here. Print is more relevant than ever!

If there are a few things that political candidates of all stripes can agree upon, it's a fondness for their own names and for winning elections. And as we appear set once again to enter the "silly season" that is political campaigning, we can be assured that the barrage of direct mail pieces, postcards, brochures, signs, flyers, t-shits and assorted other political printed matter is soon to be falling like rain.

It's all about building name recognition and engaging in persuasion, with every last candidate staking out a selling proposition that, while not necessarily unique, he or she perceives to be one which will gain them the highest percentage of the voting electorate. And this season is a mother lode for the printing business, which is none too eager to avail itself of the largesse brought on by this ceaseless need for political matter.

The aim of a political campaign is to introduce and then familiarize people with their candidate, be this by carpet-bombing entire neighborhoods or precincts with flyers and signage, or by sending focused political printing to people who've been identified as being supportive of what their candidate stands for.

It is an endless process to operate a political campaign, but the lion's share of printing for a campaign is done far ahead of the election, with sizes and types of printed matter being chosen by political consultants who have varying levels of expertise in such matters.

The overall volume of printed campaign material has grown in recent decades along with an increase in political awareness. And while the various technological innovations based on the Internet are being employed, political printing still rules the roost. Placing a direct mail piece in front of voters still holds sway over the less tactile benefits of emails or other cyber-transmissions – even if it just merits a passing glance before heading into the rubbish.

And political printing is making advances, with features such as embedded sound chips as a means of engaging with voters, as well as URL's to websites highlighting a candidate's positions on various issues as well as their voting records, – a means of keeping voters engaged and informed. In election season, you'll notice a blizzard of printed material ranging from political flyers to bumper stickers competing for your attention and encouraging your active participation in the voting process.

But, as always, it still comes down to an individual's conscious decision to vote.



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