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Interview With Your Friendly Neighborhood Print Blogger on M-Bossed!

Actually, M-Bossed put together a whole week of Hotcards!

Recently, our excellent friend Ryan McAbee over at M-Bossed asked me if I'd be interested in talking to him about how Hotcards uses social media to promote our printing services. He had some great questions, which I responded to with many a noble sentiment on the ability of social media to connect us and create online communities that parallel the communities we develop in our own neighborhoods and cities.

I tried not to go too overboard enthusiastic in my responses, but it is core to the business philosophy here at Hotcards that caring about and interacting meaningful with people – customers and employees alike – is key to success in our industry. And although we've made a major move in recent years from doing business entirely out of our storefronts, to doing a ton of business online, we've always wanted to keep that feeling of friendship and community alive, which is, in essence, what social media has allowed us to achieve.

It's also, of course, given us the opportunity to make great connections with other members of the printing community, like Ryan. I remember the first time I came across the M-Bossed blog, when Ryan was putting together a really cool Print Industry Mind Map. I was instantly impressed by how insightful and well-contextualized the posts were. If you haven't checked it out already, M-Bossed is a must-read for anyone looking to get a glimpse at where the printing industry is at, and where it's headed today.

Hmm, seems like we should probably be getting some of Ryan's thoughts up over here in our neck of the woods…stay tuned!

Besides the two-part interview, you can also check out the great intro to Hotcards Ryan wrote up to introduce his readers to our printshop. Enjoy!

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