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HOW Design Conference – Sunday, June 10th

First Hotcards update from the HOW Design Conference.

The conference got off to a great start today. Me and Shontal were up pretty early finding our spot and getting oriented. There are a lot of people here already. It looks like it's going to be a crazy couple of days.

Here's Shontel, hard at work getting the booth set up while I take pictures.

HOW Conference Booth Set Up

At first, it looked like there was going to be a lot to do, but set up was really quick and easy. Check out the slick signage! We are, indeed, the only low cost full color union printer in that nation. I think a lot of designers are going to be happy to find out how cheap full color printing can be. As you can see, Shontel is already really excited!

Setting up the signs

Here's me in front of the completed booth in my stylin' Hotcards T-shirt. As you can see, we're big Mac people at Hotcards. We've got a couple running at the booth to show conference-goers how easy it is to order printing online through Hotcards. And, of course, they get to admire our newly redesigned website.

The Finished Booth

Once we were done setting up, Christy, one of the conference organizers, came over to say “hi!” As you can see, I've just said something very witty and interesting.

Chatting with a HOW Confernce Organizer

Stayed tuned for more photos of action at the booth as we meet conference attendees and share the coolness of Hotcards with the world.


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