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A nice shout out.

Priorities sometimes change during a recession. A business philosophy can start to take hold that says: people aren't buying, therefore customer service is no longer priority number 1. But an experience we had this week at Hotcards proves that there's still a lot of positive energy and great business being done out there.

Recently, we printed 8000 postcards for OlsenZiegler Realty, as part of a direct mail real estate postcard campaign. It was our second time printer for Cleveland-based OlsenZiegler, and Chris Olsen was so pleased with our service that he posted a very nice blog about Hotcards on ActiveRain, a busy online real estate network.

In Olsen's words:

“I have done a lot of comparisons of direct mail full-color printers over the years and I have found this company so far to be the best in terms of price and turnaround… I highly recommend and hope you are as happy with their cost, service, price and turnaround time as I have been.”

Not only is it nice to get such a great review, it's downright edifying to see our friends in the real estate industry doing well, and to see that great business relationships still happen in a down economy.

Thanks, Chris! And best success with your postcard campaign!

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