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Calling All Printers and Print Designers!

I know you've got to be out there. Somewhere in this sea of web designers, there has to be people that are still interested in, and engaged in, print design.

How do I know this? Because everywhere you look there are billboards, posters, flyers, table tents, brochures, labels, stickers, and coasters, many of them beautifully, brilliantly designed.

But you go online and try to find printers or print designers blogging about their craft on a regular basis? Either I am totally out of some super-elite loop, or there are virtually none of them out there, which seems senseless to me. Just because the internet is the domain of the web designer, doesn't mean it's his or her exclusive territory in which to gain recognition, have ideas heard, and build an exciting community.

Are all the print designers out there hiding? Lurking amidst the impregnable sites and blogs wielded by the mighty hands of the web designers; hiding behind blanket topic titles like “graphic design,” “branding,” and “advertising?” Are we embarrassed to declare ourselves, and to dare to suggest that there might be exciting things going on in our industry, as well?

Or am I an island? A mad, solitary castaway struggling to scrape out an existence on a barren, windswept atoll in what is, indeed, a sea of designers who are so submersed in the minimalist sludge of web 2.0 that they couldn't put together a vibrant, colorful print design if their lives depended on it?

When I google terms like “print design news” and “print design blog,” and all I get is entries for 2005, it really makes me wonder. So tell me, please, what are you up to? What's your favorite print design trend? Who are your favorite print designers? Are you out there, too, toiling away in relative obscurity as far as the internet is concerned?

Here at Hotcards, we're doing cool stuff with print design everyday, and we can't be the only ones, so this is my small effort to get us connected. Tell me I'm not a voice in the wilderness. Tell me that exciting, creative print design is not a thing of the past.

I look forward to hearing from you. I don't care if you're an art director, a graphic designer, a copywriter, or a typography nut. Punch in! Otherwise, you might be declared permanently MIA!

And on that note, here's a cool post from the folks at Get It In Writing, just in case anyone wanted me to prove that there were still tons of cool print ad stuff happening out there.

You can also check out some of Hotcards lastest and greatest print designshere.


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