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Crain’s Top Forty Under 40: Columbus Woodruff

Get to know your printer a bit better.

Things are pretty exciting around Hotcards today. For one thing, Columbus' profile in Crain's Top Forty Under 40 has been published – article AND video. Check it out here.

For another thing, the Crain's reception for this year's inductees is tonight, which means a bunch of people are going to be saying nice things and making a big deal about our head boss-guy, just like we do all day around Hotcards!

It's nice for people to have a chance to get to know Columbus better. For example, maybe you didn't know that Columbus is an avid cyclist. In the coming year, we're hoping to do a lot of printing for cycling organizations and retailers. It's definitely an industry that does a lot of bold, exciting full color printing, and that's what Hotcards does best!

As usual, we're also excited about doing lots of work with local businesses, especially when that printing helps to promote what a truly vibrant, fun, and eclectic city Cleveland is. Anyway, you can hear Columbus talk all about it in the Crain's video spotlight.

I'll post some links to event photos and other cool stuff once they're up on the Crain's website. Stay tuned!

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