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Print CEO Recognized By Crain’s Top 40

And the crowd goes wild!

Every year, Crain's Cleveland produces a feature called Forty Under 40, an all-star list of young players in Ohio's business community. And this year, Hotcards' very own head boss-guy, Columbus Woodruff, is on the list.

The issue of Crain's containing this feature comes out November 17th. In-depth profiles of these rising stars in business will also be on the Crain's website, along with photos and video.

In fact, Columbus just spent an afternoon with Crain's doing the photo-shoot and getting some video recorded. I'm sure he was very charming and insightful, as usual.

While he was there, he also got interviewed for an unrelated piece being done on political printing and campaign advertising which, as you may know, is a particular specialty of ours here at Hotcards.

Looking over the list of last year's featured businesspeople, I've got to wonder if any of them are as involved in Cleveland's business community as Columbus. The cool thing about running a printing business is that you get connected with stores, clubs, restaurants, teams, musicians, and other organizations all over your city. It's a fact: everyone needs printing!

In other words, if you want to meet somebody, ask Columbus.

Maybe you'd like to meet someone he's done free print and print design work for, just because he doesn't like to see his fav locals with ugly print collateral.

Or maybe you'd like to meet some of the musicians and club owners he's been doing business with since his early days as a promoter.

Or how about some of the unions, politicians, and political organizations that we print for on a regular basis? Or some of the biggest names in sports? Or artists, publishers, designers, chefs, people with very long titles…

Okay, so Columbus might not introduce YOU to these people, but he could. If he wanted to.

The Crain's feature doesn't come out in print for another month, but until then, I'm inviting all of you to put your favorite stories about Columbus up here in this comment thread. Or make a video and put it up on the Hotcards YouTube Channel.

What does Columbus do that makes him one of the most attention-grabbing, savvy, and stylin'-est young businesspeople in Ohio? You tell me!

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