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The coolest thing on a stick to happen to summer since popsicles.

The summer's on. I've been hitting some outdoor music and theatre festival, and even on sweltering days, people are out in droves enjoying the sunshine. Most of us turn to the shade and cool beverages provided by beer tents to escape the heat, but that doesn't always cut it.

The coolest trend of the summer? Fan printing! At large public events, businesses are handing out simple fan shapes, glued to wooden handles and printed with their business name and information.

This isn't just a great way to advertise your business – it's a public service. Last weekend, I saw people fighting over these nifty print promotions at an outdoor theatre festival. Talk about printing as a gift!

Fan printing can come in just about any shape, style, or color you can think of, so it's easy to brand your fan design to your business.

A simple square or circle, printed in a single color, is the least expensive fan print promotion. However, if you like to go all out, you can create brilliant full-color designs a la Japanese-style fan.

Or, to bring a sense of fun to your promotion, you can have fans die-cut into wacky shapes. Just make sure they still create a bit of a breeze!

Wedding and party planners are also using fan printing to add fun and color to big parties held on hot days. Fans can be printed with the names of the marrying couple or the birthday girl. They also make great (practical!) souvenirs after the event.

Believe it or not, summer's almost half-over, so don't wait for the dog days – jump on this cool new trend before it's too late!


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