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John Edwards Campaigns in SC

Steelworkers design full color printing in support of their favorite candidate.

I'll admit that I haven't done much thinking about John Edwards over the course of this whole Primary campaign rollercoaster. His print designs have been much like his entire campaign – just fine, but overshadowed by the clash of the titans, Clinton and Obama.

However, I really like the way that Edwards has been handling the recent spate of seemingly nonstop bickering between the two Dem frontrunners. His whole “proud to represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic party” shtick is showing him to be both calmer and more lighthearted than I pegged him for. And since South Carolina is his much-loved home state, I have to say that I hope he kicks butt in the Primary tomorrow night – if only to prove to Hilary and Barack that they do need to “Grow Up.”

And there are other reasons for the printing world to love John Edwards. For one thing, he's consistently pulled out a fresh, new vehicle wrap for every state he's visited. Check it out!

John Edwards SC vehicle wrap

Moreover, he's got a lot of union support. And you know that when South Carolina steelworkers are having they're own union printing done in support of a candidate, they're serious about him!

John Edwards SC Rally

Check it out! SC steelworkers have even had t-shirts printed to promote their favorite son! Admittedly, the slogan on the t-shirts and on the signs – Building One America – is a bit hard to read because of the font size and the font itself, but hey, this isn't some fancy Hollywood guild. You can say what you want about the steelworkers' print designs, but you can't deny that they come from the heart!

SC Steelworkers for John Edwards

It's pretty cool how, these days, you can have pretty much anything printed on a t-shirt, and for pretty cheap, too. Wouldn't it be cool if Hotcards did some cheap t-shirt printing? Hmm, more to come on that…

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All above images come form the John Edwards flickr account. This attribution should in no way indicate the endorsement of the John Edwards campaign.


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