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Writer’s Strike Nearing Conclusion?

Some of the best union print designs we saw over the last couple of months…

Well, the AMPTP and the DGA have finally reached an agreement. The Director's Guild of America managed to negotiate many, if not all, of the contract improvements that the WGA has been fighting for on the picket lines. This means that a similar offer may very well be in the works for writers, and the strike could be ending soon.

First WGA Sign

The breaking point seems to have come when Hollywood was forced to forgo the glitz and glamour of the Golden Globes. The event took on the air of a rushed press conference this year when SAG members refused to cross WGA picket lines to attend.

The DGA is quick to point out that their union could never have reached the agreement without the efforts of the WGA and SAG on the picket line on Globe night and every day for the last two months.

Even when things were looking grim, strike captains made sure that their efforts were visible, producing a tremendous amount of well-designed, full color union printing and strike literature. The sum of their efforts can be looked at as a how-to guide for future strike actions in all industries.

It's a rare thing to see so many unions coming together in support of a common goal, but throughout this strike, we've seen the black and red union printing of the WGA mixed with the blue and gold of the SAG, and even signs printed by fans who wanted to come out and show their support.

Support from super-fans who cared more about their favorite writers than missing their favorite shows was a surprise for a lot of strikers, but I don't think the appearance of fan-printed signs and posters was so unusual. Consistently popular throughout the strike has been an integration of union printing and homemade artwork. I think that this strategy gave viewers at home an avenue for feeling a personal connection with strikers, and that's what drummed up fan support to the point where individuals were having strike collateral printed.

Some of the best examples of union printing mixed with a personal message can be found here.

For more great photos of union print designs used during the strike, check out these links:

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