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The 10 Greatest Moments in Printing of 2007: 5 – 1

It's the most anticipated end-of-year list in the history of printing, counting down from 5 to number one!

DVDs Became a Necessary Part of Door-to-Door Print Advertising
During previous election seasons, we've seen our share of door-to-door election campaigning, but this year, if you opened your door to a canvasser, you might have received not only a booklet, but also a DVD. The DVDs are usually video versions of the booklet, effectively doubling points of voter contact in one smooth move. The future of campaigning, and advertising in general, in undoubtably multimedia, and some combinations remain fresh and unexpected.

The WGA Hit the Picket Line with Well-Designed Union Printing

As a writer, I was convinced that the first day of the WGA strike was just about the most exciting day of the year. A union of writers fighting for the future of their industry – wow! However, as a designer, I was convinced that the second day of the WGA strike was the most exciting of the year, as I began to see videos and images of union printing being raised on the picket line. The WGA chose bold black and red as its strike colors, kept its messages strong and simple, and left dynamic design space available on its print designs to emphasize the individuality of strikers. If the strike drags on week after week, it's certainly not the fault of this well-designed print collateral. Good luck to the writers in 2008!

The Ron Paul Blimp

The Ron Paul Blimp wins the award for best political advertising stunt of the year – and it was done by independent supporters! I heard a rumor that the printing for the blimp was done panel by panel. It must have been a lot of work. And although this was the year of the vehicle wrap – with politicians changing bus wraps as often as they changed suits – the blimp blows 'em all out of the water.

Political Printing and Holiday Printing Went to War
This year, the primary process was sped up, with the all-important caucus in Iowa happening on January 3rd. This meant that political printing had to go head-to-head with Christmas advertising for voter/shopper attention. Do we like our politics mixed with our festive occasions? Sources say, 'hells no!' Next election season, give us a break and focus on the greeting cards and other festive printing.

Green Printing Became the Industry Standard

There's no doubt in my mind that the print industry high point of 2007 came when ecologically sustainable printing went for a niche trend to a central point of business. Sure, green printing has been around for a while, but it wasn't until 2007 that the industry as a whole began to commit, wholeheartedly, to reducing its environmental footprint, and developing innovative solutions for the future of printing. Green printing goes mainstream – without a doubt no. 1 on our list!


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