Strong Social = Killer Branding.

Let's keep it simple: when it comes to attracting new clients, you don't want to be pushing anything. People can tell when they're being sold something. The best brands in the world have people coming to THEM because of reputation and exceptional products. Maybe you have both of those things; I'm not saying you don't. But the best (and easiest) way to attract new followers to your brand is through awesome social media content!

The first step is to set yourself up on these two platforms: Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully your brand already has a Facebook page, but if you don't, go ask your Aunt Shirley to set you up with that (she's on it, trust me) and then get back to this post.


Twitter is one of the best ways to communicate quickly and efficiently (read: FREE) with your consumers. It's like answering questions and receiving feedback but without the hassle of real mail or a long response. 140-character limits may seem tricky, but if you're doing it right this won't be a problem.

Remember these two things when it comes to Twitter:

  1. Be concise.
  2. Be bold.


No one wants to read or look at boring content and run-of-the-mill "We're so sorry for that, please email us and we'll fix it!" chatter. Find a way to talk to your customers that's polite without being average. They'll appreciate it, and you'll have more fun.


Just like YouTube made people believe they were video directors and video stars, Instagram is making any and everyone feel like professional photographers and models. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Well why not do yourself a favor and save your breath (and sanity) for conversations in person? Instagram is the perfect way to show off a new product, make an announcement, or show some behind-the-scenes content to make people feel more connected to your brand. Instagram, like Twitter, also supports hashtags which can easily add some built-in clout to your posts. Avoid awkward cropping or re-posting popular images. This is your personal photo album- be creative!

Laws of Instagram:

  1. Captions are key. Keep to 10 words or less, and include relevant hashtags where applicable. #winwin
  2. Avoid overly-filtered photos or poor quality images.



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