Top 10 Redesigns logo of 2012

Logos are the expression of a complex idea in simple terms which immediately strike the attention of the onlooker. There are many logos that we associate with immediately; however, many such logos have presently undergone redesigning to give it a modern touch while keeping intact the original design. Here are ten such top redesigns of logos in 2012

  1. American Red Cross logo

    This has probably been one of the most renowned symbols that flash across during disaster or emergency situations, known as the American Red Cross. The corporate identity of this NGO is the first aid symbol which was used for decade’s altogether. However, this year, the logo has been given a dynamic edge by encircling the red cross in a white 3-D badge with American Red Cross written on the side in grey in place of the black lettering.

  2. Windows 8 Logo

    Windows 8 Logo

    The Windows 8 logo has probably been the most talked about logo that has been redesigned from the iconic multi-color logo which has been the identity of Windows till now. This logo is quite different from the original as it is designed in a plain blue color by using the Windows logo in a newer style. The lettering has also been changed to the International Typographic Style.

  3. Jaguar Logo

    Jaguar Logo

    The Jaguar, a British car manufacturing company, has recently redesigned its logo to give it a new look. The old logo merely depicted the silhouette of the animal in a leaping position; however the new logo gives it a life-like metallic touch after 40 years!

  4. JCPenney Logo

    JCPenny Logo

    JCPenney is a very popular American department store that was set up in 1902. The logo has been changes a few times in the previous years. However, the logo was modified considerably and re-launched in 2011. The new logo now bears a patriotic symbolization with the use of the color blue to give it the feel of the American flag.

  5. Dulux Logo

    Dulux Logo

    The most renowned paint company in the world, Dulux, used to have a logo without any colors with the name merely written in a simple logo with a dark blue font color. However, the company went in for a change and has added a splash of color to its logo with a figure carrying a colorful wave along with the tagline saying ‘Let’s Color’.

  6. Kentucky Fried Chicken Logo

    Kentucy Fried Chicken Logo

    KFC has revamped its old logo to give it a fresh, more colorful and inviting feel. The colonel has now been given an apron and looks ready to serve you. The angled design of the logo makes it look dynamic and looks just perfect.

  7. NBC Logo

    NBC Logo

    The NBC logo is perhaps one of the most well known logos in America which has become iconic over the years. However, NBC’s decision to give its logo a makeover has probably been a good step with the simple peacock image whose head is highlighted with one of the feathers chipped to form the beak of the bird.

  8. Burger King Logo

    Burger King Logo

    The latest Burger King logo has been given a dynamic element, whilst keeping the original logo intact. The color scheme of blue and yellow from the older logo is kept the same however the colors appear far more attractive.

  9. Starbucks Logo

    Starbucks Logo

    Starbucks has changed its logo twice, from the oldest original logo that had a wood-like finishing with an illustration of a Greek mythological siren figurine. The first time the logo was redesigned, the figurine had more clarity and the color of the logo changed to a bluish turquoise. However, the current logo is much more precise and streamlined with a close-up of the siren and a green backdrop.

  10. Detroit Lions Logo

    Detroit Lions Logo

    The Detroit Lions logo has also been revamped with a new breath of life infused into the same logo, which makes it appear more dynamic. The older logo depicted a light blue shadow of the lion which made it look flat and lifeless. However, the new logo breathes life into the lion by chalking out its eyes, mouth and mane.

It is definitely a challenging job for established companies to give their logo a complete makeover for fear of losing brand identity. Nevertheless, in the present competitive world it is important to stay tune with the times and taking the risk can after-all make the company appear more progressive.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on mobile that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on autos.


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