Political Printing for 2012

Political campaigns utilize a variety of printed sources to spread their message.

The idea is to introduce and popularize the candidate across the mass audience. Political printing is extensively used in campaign promotions. It includes direct mails, pamphlets, stickers, door hangers, T-shirts and other merchandises. Many companies specialize in printing campaign material, which get more and more active falling elections. Predicting the trends for 2012, political printing is likely to be used more extensively this year.

Political campaigns are completely focused on trying to personalize the potential voters with the candidate. Political printing is thus adopted in attempt to reach everyone possible. Be it any elections, building a successful campaign is a long process; starting right from introducing a new candidate, followed by building a strong reputation, and at last, pursuing the people to vote in favor of the party.

The printing material for the campaign is usually produced within a six week period, long before the elections. The selection of types and sizes of printing material depends upon the political consultants, which have the expertise in promoting political campaigns.

The overall volume of printed campaign material has increased with more political awareness in the past decades. Though a lot of new technology and social media techniques are being used, political printing still owns the dominance; one of the important factors being the use of direct mail. Candidates prefer to use direct mail over other tools, utilizing the potential of both digital and print communications.

Campaign mailers are of a wide variety including persuasion mails, ballots, and fundraising mails. Such mailers are usually full-sized, with attractive color schemes, to impersonate a larger than life image of the candidate on the recipient's mind. Campaign material has to be very accurate just like any other promotional material. Most people would retrieve the promotional mailers from their mailbox, and read them only till they reach the trash can; the message thus has a small time frame to influence the voters.

Among other tools, consolidated graphics is a considerably new technique channelizing the latest technology. An impressive use of consolidated graphics was seen in a mail piece produced by a company called Eagle Press. The mail included a sound chip embedded inside, a wonderful way to make the recipient feel important. Apart from delivering the message directly, political printing is also used to drive people to political websites to calculate the position of candidates. During the elections, you can notice various printed material such as brochures, flyers, posters, bumper stickers etc. in your surroundings. The material is usually successful in grabbing people's attention towards any upcoming elections, encouraging their active participation.

The political season falling in 2012 can be expected to get even busier for the political printing companies. The use of promotional material directly depends upon the campaign funds. Reviewing the example of Obama's campaign, which is expected to raise the total campaign funding by $6 billion, there is no doubt that the political parties will be even more actively engaged in promoting their campaigns.

The estimated expenditure to be done by the parties can be checked out here.

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