3 Reasons Print is a More Effective Advertising Medium Than the Web

The world the internet has ushered in has brought with it plenty of ways to make our lives easier.

Whether that's doing our grocery shopping or discovering our new favorite band, it's quite amazing what we've been able to achieve. But it's not all good news. Thanks to the sheer number of advertising methods the web offers, it's actually making certain promotional methods less effective, simply due to over-saturation. When everyone is advertising with web banners, everybody starts to ignore them: it's simple common sense.

Some people believe that our devotion to the web has made us forget some of the more traditional methods of reaching new audiences – like print for example. However all you need to do is browse for print companies and you'll soon see that there are plenty still alive and kicking. And in fact, using print could be better than going purely online.

Why? Because the web is so packed with promotion, the world of print has become a little more 'free'. Businesses can now create campaigns through print which are far more effective than online promotions. Let's take a look at three great reasons that print can be more effective than online advertising.

It's more direct

When a consumer comes across a web banner or other online advertisement, they tend to switch off a little bit: they're almost trained to ignore them. Print campaigns, on the other hand, are usually delivered directly to the consumer – either via the direct mail or another means of distribution. By having your advertising printed on post cards, flyers, or other forms of print promotion, you're delivering your sales message directly to your potential customer. When they see your postcard on the doormat, they'll instinctively pick it up and read it – and that's something that web advertising can't claim. This also depends quite heavily on the actual design of your printed advertising: if it's not very well done you can't be surprised when the campaign fails to meet expectations. If it's done right, though, you can really catch the eye of potential customers and make your print campaign truly lucrative.

It's easier to distribute

OK, so creating a web banner may seem like a piece of cake, but actually targeting it properly is very difficult. It's hard to know exactly who your advertising is reaching. With print, on the other hand, you know exactly who you're delivering to. Whether it's by direct mail or through someone handing out flyers, you can always be sure exactly where your print promotion is going – and you can rely on it to have reached its target audience, unlike web advertising. You also have more choice in how you distribute the promotion: the web tends to be quite limited in this regard.

By delivering printed promotional comms, you can geographically target much more easily. For example, if you run a moving services company, you can easily target an area where a lot of people are moving. Pricing is another aspect of distribution that is easier to understand in regards to print. Because the internet is a relatively new medium, you'll find that prices are all over the map. Print advertising is so well established that you can feel confident you're getting the best price.

It's better value for money

This really blends two points from above: your costings being more predictable and your results being more quantifiable. With web advertising, there's a lot of trial and error. You have to spend money, see what works, then spend some more money. With print promotion, you'll already be well equipped to know what works and what doesn't, and you'll know exactly how much it costs to reach 'X' number of people. It's a more reliable and predictable form of promotion.

The money you invest in print promotion is also easier to track: raw materials, distribution and so on. With the web, overheads are very low, and yet prices remain high. It's always a gamble when you choose to advertise solely through the web. But print is tried, tested and true. Throw in the fact that it's been somewhat neglected recently and you've got the recipe for an unstoppable print campaign.


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