Recession-Conscious Postcard Printing

Share space, save money!

When business is slow, owners and managers are faced with an inevitable quandary: They should advertise to pique consumer interest, but how can they afford to when business is slow?

Luckily, at Hotcards, we're kind of experts on low cost printing. Why? Because it doesn't matter how good the economy is or how great business is going, print buyers always want an unbeatable price – especially in the era of gang-run, go-digital-or-go-home, web-to-print mania.

So what's to be done when even the $108.00 price tag on a run of 1000 postcards sounds way over-budget? Cut the cost in half by sharing the card with another business!

Over the last year, many small businesses have been combining forces and sharing ad space. Because two-sided, full color postcard printing is the norm, it's easy to design a mailer or club card with a unique ad on each side. Take, for example, this card, advertising vegetarian dining in Barcelona, Spain:



Here, two completely different vegetarian restaurants – one serving hippie-esque macrobiotic cuisine, the other, naturally vegetarian Hindu dishes – are working together, sharing the cost of card printing by each designing one side of the ad.

And the true poetry of such a strategy is that two businesses can work together to create a more effective ad than what might have been produced by one advertiser alone. Both of the vegetarian restaurants in the above postcard target the same niche audience, however, each serves such a unique type of food that they can advertise together without stealing each other's business.

The same can be said for businesses that are located close to one another, shops that sell different, but complementary items, or services that offer a continuous experience – for example, a restaurant and a theatre would make great card printing buddies, as would a camping gear retailer and a bait and tackle shop, or an car dealer and a shoe store (don't ask!).

The recession might have us asking a lot of tough questions, but one thing that should go without saying is that working as a community can only help us get through the rough times. By sharing space on a postcard mailer, a flyer, or even a billboard, small businesses can support each other and help themselves.

Have you seen any great examples of shared two-sided full color printing lately? Tell us about it right here!

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