Christmas Card Controversy 2009

Gossip, scandal, and holiday printing.

Usually, at this time of year, I put together a post about Christmas card design by creating a gallery of celebrity holiday cards and critiquing them. But celebrity cards aren't at the center of the card printing gossip this year.

What does have our interest in 2009 is cards that are stirring up controversy. British comic Ricky Gervais sent out an e-card effectively chastising his fans and mocking fellow celebrities for the shameless commercialization of the holidays. And that was one of the least gossip-worthy moves of the season, largely thanks to bloggers who love to get their scandal on:

Too Political!

Across the pond, UK politician Alex Salmond is just as scandalous for his overtly politicized holiday message, which features a little girl carrying a Scottish flag:


Too Offensive!

Not surprisingly, here at home, Hustler is getting everybody's Christmas sweaters in a bunch with a religiously irreverent joke card:


Too Naked!

Writer Bob Cringely was denied card printing by Kinko's for a holiday greeting from his family en deshabille. Someone's out of their mind here, you decide who.


Too Silly!

The British Royal Family is unimpressed by Prince Harry's dancing elf ecard:


Two Men!

Canadian political Scott Brison is creating buzz for sending out a card featuring himself and his husband:


Too Ginger!

UK grocery chain Tesco had to pull a card off their shelves this season because it made fun of ginger-haired children:


Not Religious Enough?

After years of criticizing the Bush's for sending overly religious cards, we now get to be mad at the Obama's for sending a card that's too secular:


And these are just a few of the holiday card printing controversies buzzing around this year! Yeesh! Remember when you only had to worry about sending a boring year-end letter? Suddenly, we have to worry about offending recipients with sentiments that are either too Christmas-y, or not Christmas-y enough.

I think there must be some lesson about the true meaning of Christmas in all this, but I don't have time to figure it out now! I need to get on printing my cards. I spent a lot of time drugging all those neighborhood cats, dressing them up, and posing them for a nativity scene…

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